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Magical Change

What does it mean to "manage" change?

Why do we need to? How much can we really influence? 

And what on Earth is a kōan?

Our programmes aim to prepare change champions,  change managers and sponsors of major transformation initiatives for the opportunities and challenges of leading through the adoption of new ways of working.

We also have a team of change experts to help you run your transformation programmes if that suits you best.

Learn more about Ildiko and the change approach her company offers based on 17 years of global transformation related programme management expertise.



One-to-one review of your change project and your personal development to be a true change leader.


Online and on-site training in small groups, covering change tools and their practical usage.


Design of your change programme and compilation of your specific toolkit and effectiveness dashboards.


On-site management of your end-to-end change initiative including coaching and training of change champions.


One-to-one and group sessions are available to review your change project and work on your skills to manage change in your organisation.  

Coaching is available for individuals and small groups of up to 8 people.

The purpose of these sessions is to:

  1. Build and review the change toolkit for your project

  2. Support you in the day-to-day activities required for your project

  3. Coach you on how to deal with your own emotions and those of your colleagues/ clients

Before embarking on a coaching journey we propose that you complete this intake form, to allow you to evaluate if coaching is the right tool for you as well as if you are ready, able and willing to work with one of our coaches. Click here to review some of the criteria. 

When you are ready, book your discovery session so we can get to know each other.

Change Management Academy...

Online courses covering key tools and skills, supported by weekly coaching sessions. 

The Change Management Academy provides a flexible online solution in small groups of up to 8 people to: 

  1. Learn how, when and why to use the change toolkit for your project

  2. Review case studies to understand the context in which to use tools

  3. Provide you with tools to deal with your own emotions and those of your colleagues/ clients in the face of change.


During the weekly online live sessions, we will look at your own project.

In addition to the weekly sessions, you will get weekly one-to-one coaching as well.


We can design your change programme based on your specific requirements.


The design package consists of:

  • Interviews with the change programme's sponsor and senior leadership team

  • Creation of a proposed change strategy

  • Resource profile for the implementation phase

  • Tailor-made change toolkit

Typically, the design work takes approximately 3 weeks, 3-5 days/week, depending on the complexity of the change programme.


Kick-start your change programme with direction and templates tailor-made for your specific requirements.


Consulting services are the most comprehensive in our portfolio. They contain all the above described options in one package. 

Dedicated consultants work with your team on-site, provide strategic guidance, ensure operational excellence with tailor-made tools and work with all required levels of your organisation to see through the completion of required change actions. We also coach your in-house teams to empower them for future initiatives.

Consulting services are available for:

  • IT Transformation (incl. SAP, Workday, Digital Transformation, etc.)

  • Business transformation (business process re-engineering, M&A, reorganisation)

  • Culture change (e.g. introduction of agile working)


On-site support on demand for your change programme, containing all services, including education, coaching, design and delivery.



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