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The dance floor is the level of preparedness of every single individual who is expected to adapt to a new world of  habits, expectations and behaviours.

The sponsor is the DJ.

The steps are made up of your organisation's culture. Some dance, some watch, some don't party... What do you want to do?

Ildiko Haraszi, Managing Director KoanWay Ltd

Change Management is a dance.

Gardening for your Mind

We are now also offering services that connect your wellbeing, meditation to nature. Our garden design team can offer you planning and installation services to create the small haven to support your wellbeing and manage stress levels.

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What our corporate clients want...

Most of our corporate clients recognise that change will only stick when people are on board.

Whether change comes in the form of new IT systems (like SAP, Workday, upgrades of other software or hardware) or they go through some form of structural change (new business processes, mergers, acquisitions), if people don't feel engaged, change can quickly lead to talent leaving the organisation, serious performance impacts or even health issues damaging the individual and their families.

Change management is "easy". Often all we need to do is to keep people informed and find the "right" way to convey that "everything is going to be alright".

But how? Some of the essential questions that require an answer to get "it" right are:

  • What exactly is changing and why?

  • Who decides the above? What is the correct content of our message?

  • How do we get the message to all staff?

  • How do we make sure they really hear the message? 

  • What will make people listen and act? What will make them care?

  • Will they believe the "corporate spiel"? Is there a "spiel"?

  • Do staff even have the energy to absorb yet another change?


The above questions are usually answered in the initiation phase of our projects and regularly checked and re-checked throughout the project with our key stakeholders.

Change management is project management with an ear fine-tuned to the psychology of the grief caused by the old and known being "taken away". 


Our corporate services offer:

  1. Design of an adequate change management strategy. (No such thing as "correct")

  2. Implementation of change interventions, including engagement events, communication, training and management of action completion to prepare for change.

  3. Training and Coaching of change champions, change leaders, in-house change teams and when appropriate, the set-up of a Change Management Department with tailor-made change toolkit and methodology.


We believe in utilising the right skills for the right job:

  • Strategists to determine the appropriate toolkit and resource model

  • Enthusiasts and Coaches to train and support your internal team

  • Operational change managers who will implement the nitty gritty details of the change plan

Change is good. Or is it?

KoanWay Ltd was founded by Ildiko Haraszi as a platform to help individuals and organisations prepare for change. 

Because change is inevitable and even the most prepared of us often struggle with it. 

Ildiko grew up in a diplomat family, traveling the world from an early age, experiencing change in a multitude of ways, adapting to geography, culture, languages. It was not easy and it also provided her with experiences that shaped her empathy and understanding of the psychology of changing habits, behaviours and perspectives in life.

These experiences lead her every decision on her professional journey, through a myriad of global transformation programmes and the acquisition of skills and tools, like coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), etc.

Thus she concluded that change is not good or bad. What matters is the way we respond to it. And there is always a "winning" strategy for every single human cog in the corporate machine. Because the music is always playing. Question is only how we choose to dance.

Check out Ildiko's journey, ongoing thought adventure and things others say she should share with the world. 

More detail about Ildiko's specific professional journey is available here.

Stress Management

Change causes grief. Change causes stress. Change impacts can be managed.

As each individual processes the impacts of change differently, we also offer various stress management techniques, from simple confidence coaching through hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT, etc.

Please note, some effects of work pressures should only be treated in collaboration with health specialists.

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